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Hiking Trail #1

The hiking trail that leads from Cadro to Vetta Gazzirola  counts as one of the more adventurous trails in Switzerland. The hike up to Vetta Gazzirola takes about 12h and goes from Monte Boglia to Denti della Vecchia and to

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Cima di Fojorina – Attractions

The natural reserve of Valsolda of the peak of Fojorina The reserve is a picturesque place where you can experience the wild nature. The altitude is between 700 m of the Soldo creek valley and 1810 m of Fojorina peak.

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Vetta Gazzirola – Attractions

The position of Vetta Gazzirola in the center of the three major lakes in the canton of Ticino (west Maggiore, Lugano and Lake Como in the south and east), offers its visitors a unique setting. Not far from the mountain

Vetta Gazzirola – How to get there

By public and private means of transport: You can only reach Vetta Gazzirola on foot. The closest town is Isone which you can reach by public transportation.

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San Lucio – How to get there

You can reach San Lucio using different hiking trails starting from: from Bogno (1h 15min) from Certara (1 h 30min) from Cimadera (2h 30min) from Cozzo (1h 45min) from Cavargna (1h 30min) from Buggiolo (1h 15min)

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Cima di Fojorina – How to get there

The easiest way to get there, is to use the services offered by the public transportation in Lugano. (Information). The last bus stop where you have to go off is called Certara, Cardaiolo. (Information)

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Denti della Vecchia – Lodging

Capanna Pairolo: The Capanna Pairolo is the perfect place for a rest on the way to the Denti della Vecchia. The cabin is about half an hour away from the start of the hiking trail that eventually leads to “Sasso

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Vetta Boglia – Lodging

There are no accommodation or restaurants on top of Vetta Boglia. In Cureggia you can find a restaurant and a cabin: Grotto Pierino: Traditional cuisine Phone: +41-91- 941-87-96 Email: Website: Capanna Pairolo: For most of the people Capanna

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Vetta Boglia – Attractions

The main attraction of Vetta Boglia is the view that you can enjoy from the peak of the mountain. The view is in fact a 360 degree view of the lake and the city of Lugano. There are two nearby

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Vetta Boglia – How to get there

By private and public means of transport: Vetta Boglia is only accessible on foot. Two nearby places are most commonly used as a starting point which can be easily reached by public or private transportation: Cable car Monte Brè –

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