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Cima di Fojorina – Attractions

The natural reserve of Valsolda of the peak of Fojorina The reserve is a picturesque place where you can experience the wild nature. The altitude is between 700 m of the Soldo creek valley and 1810 m of Fojorina peak.

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Cima di Fojorina – How to get there

The easiest way to get there, is to use the services offered by the public transportation in Lugano. (Information). The last bus stop where you have to go off is called Certara, Cardaiolo. (Information)

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Fojorina – Lodging

La Capanna Pairolo: La Capanna Pairolo provides 40 in different small rooms. The cabin is a great starting point for different hiking trails towards the valley of Colla, Italy and the lake of Lugano. It is a well-known place for

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Cima di Fojorina – Description

The peak of Fojorino is located between Switzerland and Italy as well as the two lakes of Lugano and Como which are both visible from the top of the mountain. The top of Fojorina is situated at an altitude of

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