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Monte Caprino – How to get there

By public means of transport: You can only reach Monte Caprino by taking the boat to Cantine Gandria.

Hiking Trail # 7

1 Sighignola, 2 Vetta Monte Caprino    –    4 h 30 min Near Lanzo d’Intelvi, there is a hiking trail that connects Sighignola with Monte Caprino. Along the trail you can enjoy a magnificent view of the lake of

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Monte Caprino – Attractions

Excursion from Monte Caprino to the smuggler museum of Gandria: this hike offers the opportunity to discover various attractions such as the Grottos, typical Ticino restaurants, Le Cantine di Gandria and the interesting smuggler museum of Gandria, all in direct

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Sighignola – Attractions

Near Sighignola, in Lanzo d’Intelvi, there are two museums: the fossil museum and the museum of sacred art. Click here to read the press release. There is also the opportunity to visit the church of Santa Maria and the church

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Monte Caprino – Lodging

Cantine di Caprino:the holiday home Cantine di Caprino hosts groups up to 60 people. It is a suitable place to hold seminars, organize group activities or for any other type of holiday. Phone: +41-91-923-98-71 Email: Visit the website of

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Sighignola – How to get there

By public and private means of transport: Sighignola is easily accessible by car and within a few minutes you are in Switzerland. In the late 1960s it was planned to build the cable car station for Campione d’Italy in Sighignola.

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Sighignola – Lodging

Hotel Milano:a cozy three-star hotel located in the valley of Intelvi with a magnificent view. The hotel is a perfect starting point if you plan to hike to  the summit of Sighignola. The owners of the hotel are happy to

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Monte Caprino – Description

Monte Caprino is not far away from Gandria. It is located between two mountains: Monte Brè and San Salvatore. The area of Caprino was a popular place for smugglers during the last world war. The hiking trail to Monte Caprino

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Sighignola – Description

The mountain Sighignola, located on the Swiss-Italian border, offers a magnificent view of the lake of Lugano, the canton of Ticino and the landscape of the Lombardy. The peak of the mountain, with its 1320 meters, is easily accessible from

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