Discover Greenway

Greenway Lugano is an interactive guide that uses augmented reality which relates the hiking trails and their points of interest around the lake of Lugano. The interactive guide is designed to enhance the experience of the tourist  who is enjoying a holiday in the region of Lugano.

What does augmented reality mean: Augmented reality is a technology solution that allows you to enrich the perception of reality by computer-generated sensory input like audio, video or GPS data. Usually, augmented reality is used via smartphones or PCs with webcam, or other devices that allow you to add information (defined as points of interest) to our normal perception of the  reality of an object or landscape.

An example of activation of a point of interest through augmented reality:

By scanning the landscape with your smartphone, different points of interest will be displayed on the screen thanks to augmented reality as you can see on the picture below. In order to see the content of the augmented reality, different points of interest can be selected and  text descriptions of the mountain, in-depth video of the place, an indication of attractions, dining options and the closest hiking trail to your location will be displayed.

Who can  use Greenway Lugano?

The augmented reality service can be used by everyone who is visiting Lugano and  has a smartphone with internet access. The service of augmented reality will be activated on your mobile device by downloading the free application “Layar” ( and by selecting the channel “Greenway Lugano”.

Do you want to know more about how to download the app on your mobile device? Watch this simple tutorial and start exploring the hiking trails. Enjoy!