Brè – Gazzirola

1 Brè 2 Vetta Boglia, 3 Cadro, 4 Piedi Denti della Vecchia, 5 Fojorina, 6 San Lucio, 7 Alpe Bolla, 8 Vetta Gazzirola  – 10 h 35 min

The hiking trail that starts from the car park of Monte Brè (starting point for Monte Boglia) and leads up to the peak of Monte Gazzirola is one of the most interesting routes in Switzerland for the views it offers. The route takes about 10h 30 min and passes through Monte Boglia, Cadro, Denti della Vecchia to the summit of Fojorina. We suggest you to stay overnight at the mountain hut San Lucio, on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The following day you can continue your hike to reach the peak of Monte Gazzirola.


Points of interest along the hiking trail:

Technical details about the hike from Brè to Gazzirola (source:

  • Point of departure: Brè
  • Altitude at departure: 784 m.s.m
  • Arrival point: Gazzirola
  • Altitude at arrival point: 1728 m.s.m
  • Length: 23817 m
  • Time: 10 h 35
  • Difference in altitude ascent: 2610 m
  • Difference in altitude descent : 1666 m
  • Altitude min.: 783 m.s.m
  • Altitude max.: 2113 m.s.m
  • Slope rate: 17.93 %

Planimetrical hiking trail: