Brusino Arsizio – Meride

1 Brusino Arsizio, 2 Vetta San Giorgio, 3 Meride – 5 h 25 min

The hiking trail starts in Brusino Arsizio, goes up to Monte San Giorgio and ends in Meride. Along the hiking trail you can visit great atrractions such as the church of St. Michael and the church of Beata Vergine Addolorata which both date back to the eighteenth century. We invite you then to enjoy the stroll through the beautiful landscape to Monte San Giorgio, and to visit the Fossil Museum in Meride which has been recently renovated an offers a great collection of fossils from Monte San Giorgio. The mountain is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Brusino Arsizio, Vetta San Giorgio and Meride

Points of interest along the hiking trail:

Technical details about the hike from Brusino Arsizio to Meride (source:

  • Point of departure: Brusino Arsizio
  • Altitude at departure: 274 m.s.m
  • Arrival point: Meride
  • lAtitude at arrival point: 584 m.s.m
  • Length: 9255 m
  • Time: 4 h 25
  • Difference in altitude ascent: 1100 m
  • Difference in altitude descent: 790 m
  • Altitude min.:273 m.s.m
  • Altitude max.: 1090 m.s.m
  • Slope rate: 20.16 %


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