Capolago – Generoso

1 Capolago, 2 Rovio, 3 Vetta Monte Generoso     –     7 h

The hiking trails which starts in Capolago and leads to the valley of Monte Generoso takes about seven hours. During the hike you should not miss a visit of the church of Santa Maria Maddalena in Capolago. Afterwards, the trail will lead you towards Rovio where you can admire the beautiful landscape as well as a great view of the lake. The peak of Monte Generoso is at an altitude of 1704m and is located between the Italian and Swiss border.

Capolago, Rovio e Vetta Monte Generoso

Points of interest along the hiking trail:

Technical details about the hike from Capolago to Monte Generoso (source:

  • Point of departure: Capolago
  • Altitude at departure: 274 m.s.m
  • Arrival point: Monte Generoso
  • Altitude at arrival point: 1649 m.s.m
  • Length: 14742 m
  • Time: 6 h 50
  • Difference in altitude ascent: 1966 m
  • Difference in altitude descent: 591 m
  • Altitude min.: 273 m.s.m
  • Altitude max.: 1691 m.s.m
  • Slope rate: 19.54 %