Cureggia – Description

Originally the name of the village of Cureggia was Curezia. The first time the village was officially mentioned was in 1329. The document consisted of a list with the legal rights in favor of the bishop of Como. The name appeared again in 1454 when the land was sold to the Rusconi family. In the fifteenth century the village was again officially mentioned when Curezia had to provide a soldier for the Duke of Milan.

The village is very isolated and was only connected with Pregassona by a small path until 1956, the year in which a roadway was built. Until the creation of the roadway (1956), Cureggia had been one of the less inhabited villages of Ticino; nevertheless it naturalized many foreigners.

In 2004, Cureggia became part of the city of Lugano. The village offers a view of Lugano and its surroundings.

Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Lugano. It is also the starting point of many hiking and cycling trails. In addition, there is the church of San Gottardo, which was built in 1565 and where a feast for its patron saint Gotthard is celebrated every year, on the first Sunday after May 4.

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