Meride – Description

Since the Middle age, Meride has been populated which can be proofed by the shields on the walls of the church of San Silvestro. Meride was part of the Republic of Riva San Vitale in February 23 1798. It became part of the canton of Ticino during the Helvetic Republic.

In the past, the residents of Meride such as those of the villages overlooking the lake of Lugano and Mendrisio, were mainly devoted to artistic and craft activities, in particular working in the construction industry (masons, builders, architects). They were also very skilled in the art of decoration and especially in that of the stucco. It is a picturesque location, away from big roads which makes it particularly attractive for hikers. Many artists and writers live in the village.

The hiking trail through Meride includes forest and fields and borders to the region of Serpiano and Monte San Giorgio. Meride is characterized by numerous mountain trails which can also be used by mountainbikers. You can rent a bicycle at “Parco al Sole”. It is also possible to hike along a geo-paleontological path starting in Meride.

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