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Carona – Attractions

Parco San Grato: The park of San Grato is a botanical garden of six hectares, located above the village of Carona. From the village you can enjoy the stunning view of the lake of Lugano and the peaks of the

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Morcote – How to get there

By public means of transport: Morcote is easily accessible by bus during the day. In fact, the service is organized efficiently by choosing the route from Melide or Grancia. Phone: 0840-852-852 Email: By boat: you can take the boat

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Cadro – How to get there

By public means of transport: The easiest way to get there is to use the services offered by the bus system of Lugano: Line Lugano Cornaredo-Villa Luganese. Check out the schedule here.

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Pazzallo – Lodging

Grotto Morchino: typical Ticino grotto in Pazzallo surrounded by beautiful nature. It is only a short walk from Lugano. Very good homemade meals. Opening hours: 10.00/14.00 – 18.00/24.00 Open from Tuesday to Sunday. On Saturdays only open in the evening.

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Rivera – Attractions

Rivera is the valley station of the cable car that goes up Alpe Foppa. Another attraction is the radio station Monte Ash (shared with Bironico) which is listed as a heritage of national importance. On top of Alpe Foppa you

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Cureggia – Lodging

Holiday House Camélia: The Holiday House Camélia can be found above Cureggia, 200m from the center of the village. Even though it is close to the center, the holiday house is a very quiet place, close to the forest and

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Sighignola – How to get there

By public and private means of transport: Sighignola is easily accessible by car and within a few minutes you are in Switzerland. In the late 1960s it was planned to build the cable car station for Campione d’Italy in Sighignola.

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Alpe Serdena – Attractions

The hiking trail Isone – Alpe Serdena passes through a wide wooded area and pasture lands suitable for pic-nics, in which a military parade ground can be found. The area is also appropriate for walking and cycling routes:

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San Lucio – Attractions

Chiesa di San Lucio: The church which dates back to the nineteenth century is dedicated to St. Lucius, shepherd and cheese maker of the valley of Cavargna. It is situated at the border to  Italy and has always been a center

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Monte Caprino – Description

Monte Caprino is not far away from Gandria. It is located between two mountains: Monte Brè and San Salvatore. The area of Caprino was a popular place for smugglers during the last world war. The hiking trail to Monte Caprino

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