Astano – Description

The small village of Astano consists mainly of forest and it is listed in the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites (ISOS).

Astano is a small town which is located at 631 m.a.s.l. Since 84% of the area is covered with forest, 21% is used for agriculture and less than 10% is inhabited, it is not surprising that the village only has 300 residents. It is also important to mention that the entire municipality is protected as part of the Inventory of Swiss Settlements to protect (ISOS).

Astano offers a beautiful view and you can see a small natural lake that invites visitors to swim or to do some other watersport activities. One of the most important people of Astano was Domenico Trezzini (1670-1734), a famous architect and urban planner, who was one of the first designers of the city which is now known as St. Petersburg.

During the last century, Malcantone experienced a period of intense mining activity, thanks to the presence of numerous metal-bearing lodes that cross the underground.

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