Brusino Arsizio – Attractions

Chiesa San Michele e Chiesa della Beata Vergine Addolorata

One of the main attractions of Brusino Arsizio is the beautiful and ancient parish church of St. Michael and the church Beata Vergine Addolorata dating back to the eighteenth century. Particularly, the parish church of Brusino Arsizio is linked to the cult of St. Michael. The church is a building in Baroque style and was renovated in 1944. Its roots are Romanesque and it is a veritable treasure with  paintings of the late Middle Ages.


The cable car between Brusino and Serpiano provides visitors with access to a vantage point, 650 meters on the slopes of Monte San Giorgio. The lookout makes it possible to admire the view of the lake of Lugano. In 2003, Monte San Giorgio joined the UNESCO world heritage sites. Therefore the village of Brusino Arsizo has become a place of global interest.

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