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Astano – Attractions

Astano – Attractions A beautiful sight that Astano offers is the small natural lake that invites visitors to swim and do other sports activities. Furthermore, you can visit the beautiful parish church of S. Pietro that was built in 1654

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Vetta Monte Bar – Attractions

Excursions: Vetta Bar (1816m) is a popular destination for cross-country skiers in winter and for mountain-bikers in summer. The steep way up the mountain is a great challenge for hikers to test their physical condition. But the beautiful landscape is

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Caval Drossa – How to get there

By public means of transport: Take the bus number 461 in Lugano (North Station) towards Tesserete. Afterwards, bus number 39 will take you to the village Corticiasca from where you can reach Caval Drossa (1632m) by foot. The journey to

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Caval Drossa – Attractions

Il Grotto al Mulino: Enjoy local specialties at “Il Grotto al Mulino” located in the picturesque village Capriasca. You will find the village on the way to Cortiasca, close to Bidogno. Phone: +41-91-944-10-54 Email: Website:

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Caval Drossa – Lodging

Capanna la Ginestra: This is the ideal place to spend the night in the surroundings of Caval Drossa. The Capanna la Ginestra is a typical cabin surrounded by nature. If you plan to stay overnight, you can ask for the

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Gola di Lago – Attractions

Alpe Santa Maria: The alp is a family-run mountain pasture. On the farm there are different types of animals and in the summer you can go horse riding upon reservation. It is a place where tourists can relax and enjoy

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Alpe Bolla – Attractions

Gastronomic attractions: Hikers will find a small cottage on top of Alpe Bolla where they can enjoy typical products from the region such as polenta and milk, polenta and cheese and various cold sausages. Visitors also have the opportunity to

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Corticiasca – How to get there

By public and private means of transport: Corticiasca is easily accessible by car or by bus. Take the bus in Tesserete towards Maglio di Colla. You can also take the bus (number 461) from Lugano (Stazione Nord) towards Tessereta. Once

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Gola di Lago – Lodging

Agriturismo Alpe Zalto: A very characteristic place to stay in Gola di Lago is at the Agriturismo Alpe Zalto. It is open from 15 May to 15 September and offers 12 beds as well as sleeping on straw. The owners

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Corticiasca – Lodging

Ecohotel Locanda del Giglio The Ecohotel Locanda del Giglio is a very nice hotel in Roveredo Capriasca which is close to Corticiasca. The hotel is promoting sustainable tourism and respects the environment. Phone: +41-91-930-09-33 Email: Website:

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