Cassarate – Description

Cassarate is located north of the lake of Lugano. Together with Castagnola is considered a quarter of the city of Lugano.

Today Cassarate- Castagnola is part of the city of Lugano, but until 1972 it was recognized as an independent municipality under the name of Castagnola. Not far away from Parco Civico and east from the Cassarate River, this is the place to see before hiking up  Monte Brè. The place offers a wide variety of well recognized restaurants with Italian as well as international cuisine, some of them offering splendid panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the lake. By the lake shore there are also picturesque hotels for those who search for comfortable accommodation close to the city. From Cassarate there is also the possibility to rent a boat for an excursion on the lake or just take a boat taxi.

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