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Lugano Train Station

Agno Airport

Only 6 km away from the city center of Lugano and 30 km from the border to Italy, Lugano Airport is conveniently located and redefines contemporary mobility. From the car park just 100 meters away from the terminal, the check-in

Brè Paese

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Mountain hut Pairolo

The mountain hut Pairolo is a great spot for a break during your hike. Some people also come here to observe and take pictures of the local flora. The region is well known for the presence of some rare species of

Denti della Vecchia’s Base

Da Cimadera 1080 m, attraversando su scalinate le poche case del villaggio, si sale a raggiungere una pista forestale per la Capanna Pairolo: il percorso è sempre immerso in uno splendido bosco di faggi fino a varcare la cresta di

Villa Luganese

The Villa Lugano has  pre-Romanesque origins and, at that time, lived mainly from farming and exploitation of land resources. The village was in possession of the Duke of Milan until 1571, became and remained independent until 1800. Monuments Church of Sant’Agata (1473) Oratory of Santa Maria

Intermedio Carbonera

The path to Alpe Bolla was created at the beginning of the war in 1939 in order to get to a safe location, easily controlled by the Italian and German military.  

Brè’s Parking Lot

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Hiking Trail #1

The hiking trail that leads from Cadro to Vetta Gazzirola  counts as one of the more adventurous trails in Switzerland. The hike up to Vetta Gazzirola takes about 12h and goes from Monte Boglia to Denti della Vecchia and to

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Cadro – Description

The existence of the village of Cadro is ascertained since 735. The existence of the church Saint Agata was first documented in 1366. In the middle of 1300 the building was replaced with the present one, where there is still

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