Monte Tamaro – Attractions

Chiesa Santa Maria degli Angeli: designed by the world famous architect Mario Botta. It is a marvel of contemporary architecture with paintings of Enzo Cucchi. The visit of the church is almost a must.

The church is dedicated to Santa Maria degli Angeli, built between 1992 and 1996 and presents a very innovative kind of a building of devotion.

Traversata Tamaro – Lema: enjoy a spectacular hike between civilization and the wild valleys.

Adventure park:impressive acrobatic course suspended over magnificent beech trees, located at the middle station of the gondola. The park is divided into 3 routes of varying difficulty.

Mountain biking: There are two classic itineraries for mountain bike lovers.

Sledding:  thrilling ride with two-seater sleds.

Paragliding: You can also do a tandem flight with an instructor.


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