Gola di Lago – Attractions

Alpe Santa Maria: The alp is a family-run mountain pasture. On the farm there are different types of animals and in the summer you can go horse riding upon reservation. It is a place where tourists can relax and enjoy drinks, ice cream and homemade products.

Oratory of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice: The oratory of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice is a small chapel surrounded by nature. It was built in 1931 by Henry Besomi in a typical regional style. Inside the chapel, you can see parts of a fresco from the sixteenth century depicting the Madonna and child with the saints Jerome and Rocco.

Cliff climbing: Gola di Lago  is a perfect place for rock climbing. In order to reach the starting point from Cappella parking, you just need to go towards Masso dei Caduti, pass through the peat bog and climb on the rocks for about 5 minutes. The climbing routes are divided into five areas: Old School (levels 5c-6a), Dei Massi Volanti (5th level), and Movie (levels 5a to 6a) are for intermediate climbers, the route called Bullon requires more experience (livello. 5c-6b), while Brüt Asan is for beginners (level 3a).

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