Hiking trail #3

1 Rivera, 2 Vetta Monte Tamaro, 3 Vetta Monte Gradiccioli, 4 Breno, 5 Vetta Monte Lema, 6 Miglieglia – 10 h 15 min

The hiking trail which starts in Rivera and ends in Miglieglia takes about 10 hours. Rivera is the valley station that leads up to Monte Tamaro, a great place for mountain biking and hiking. You can also discover the ancient chestnut trees in Arosio, a small village near Monte Gradiccioli. The hiking trail continues towards Monte Lema which offers the possibility to skydiving or paragliding. There are three options to hike up or down Monte Lema: either you start in Breno where you can admire the church of San Lorenzo which dates back to medieval times, or Astano or Miglieglia, a typical village from Ticino.

Rivera, Vetta Monte Tamaro, Vetta Monte Gradiccioli, Breno, Vetta Monte Lema and Miglieglia

Points of interest along the hiking trail:

Technical details about the hike from Rivera to Miglieglia (source: www.ti-sentieri.ch):

  • Point of departure: Rivera
  • Altitude at departure: 475 m.s.m
  • Arrival point: Miglieglia
  • Altitude at arrival point: 737 m.s.m
  • Length: 29302 m
  • Time: 11 h 35
  • Difference in altitude ascent: 2398 m
  • Difference in altitude descent: 2135 m
  • Altitude min.: 469 m.s.m
  • Altitude max.:1960 m.s.m
  • Slope rate : 16.13 %

(source: www.ti-sentieri.ch)

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