Hiking Trail #4

1 Paradiso, 2 Pazzallo, 3 Vetta San Salvatore, 4 Carona, 5 Morcote, 6 Cureggia, 7 Astano – 5 h 30 min

The hiking trail starts in Paradiso and leads to the top of Monte San Salvatore (also accessible by the funicular). Then it passes through a chestnut forest to Morcote. For this hiking trail medium hiking skills are required since the hike is about 14km long and goes slightly downhill.

Points of interest along the hiking trail:

Technical details about the hike from Paradiso to Morcote (source: www.ti-sentieri.ch):

  • Point of departure:Paradiso
  • Altitude at departure:274m
  • Arrival point:Morcote
  • Altitude at arrival point:274m
  • Length:13739 m
  • Time:5 h 30
  • Difference in altitude ascent:1110 m
  • Difference in altitude descent:1111 m
  • Altitude min.:273 m
  • Altitude max.:894 m
  • Slope rate:16.71 %

(source: www.ti-sentieri.ch)