Hiking Trail #1

The hiking trail that leads from Cadro to Vetta Gazzirola  counts as one of the more adventurous trails in Switzerland.

The hike up to Vetta Gazzirola takes about 12h and goes from Monte Boglia to Denti della Vecchia and to the summit of Fojorina. We suggest to stay over night in San Lucio, on the border to Italy and to continue the hike the following day.

This course of 12 hours passes for Mount Boglia, the  to the summit of . We suggest that you rest in San Lucio Shelter, in his hut on the border between Switzerland and Italy and continue the next day to reach Peak Gazzirola.

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Point of departure: Carbonera

Altitude at departure: 1032 m.s.m

Arrival point:

Altitude at arrival: 1728 m.s.m

Length: 21661 m

Time: 9 h 40

Difference in altitude ascent: 2329 m

Difference in altitude descent: 1634 m

Altitude min.: 1032 m.s.m

Altitude max.: 2113 m.s.

Average slope rate: 18.36 %


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