Morcote – Attractions

Il Castello: The castle of Morcote was built by the Visconti family and was a strong military force. Today the castle’s grounds are used for the production of wines from Ticino. You can walk to the hills of Alpe Vicania.


Santa Maria del Sasso: Santa Maria del Sasso is a catholic church in a baroque style with a bell tower in a Romanesque style. Open every day from 9.00 to 20.00.

Parco Scherrer:The park is also known as park of wonders. It used to be the private garden of the widow Scherrer and was inherited in 1965 by the municipality of Morcote. Inside the park you will see monuments from different periods. The park is open every day from 10.00 to 17.00, but in July and August it closes at 18.00.

The entry is 7 CHF for adults and 2 CHF for children.

Phone: + 41-91-996-21-25

Il nucleo e i portici: The arcades of Morcote were built with the material of old abandoned houses. The porches of the houses of Morcote are considered the most beautiful in the region.
We also recommend the following monuments that are worth a visit in  Morcote:

  • Campanile della chiesa di Santa Maria del Sasso
  • Castello di Morcote
  • Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria del Sasso
  • Chiesa di San Rocco
  • Cimitero Monumentale
  • Oratorio di Sant’Antonio da Padova
  • Organo di Santa Maria del Sasso
  • Scala Monumentale
  • Torre del capitano

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