Morcote – Description

The most famous pearl of the lake of Lugano: unlike Ponte Tresa and Bissone, Morcote was not affected by traffic infrastructure and building expansion has not destroyed ancient monuments like the church and the monumental cemetery.

The village of Morcote has 726 inhabitants and is a popular destination for tourists. It is not only well-known for its architectural beauty of village but also for the beauty of the place itself. It  is called the “pearl of the lake” because of the wonderful landscape. The mountain above the village has a lot of hiking trails to offer and is easily accessible by car.

At the end of the village you will find Parco Scherrer, full of subtropical vegetation, buildings and different art works from all over the world.

Morcote has a little private port and can be reached by boat from the village of Brusino Arsizio.

The village has a long history and used to be called Murcau. In the flourishing period of the history of Morcote, it included Morcote and Lugano Porto (It), which was called Porto Morcote. The town was an important trading center for its harbor until the construction of the dam of Melide in 1847. Morcote has many historical and cultural sites to visit, such as the old part of town with narrow, winding roads, the castle where you can enjoy a breathtaking view and the walk along the arcades. You should not miss a visit of the church of Santa Maria which attracts many visitors. There are many events throughout the year.
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