Monte Generoso – Description

Enjoy a beautiful view of the lake of Lugano and several mountains from the Swiss-Italian peak.

Monte Generoso, also called Calvagione, is 1704m above sea level, part of the Lugano Prealps and is located on the border of Italy and Switzerland. The southern and western slopes belong to Switzerland; the northern and eastern one to Italy. The summit, also known as Punta Cadola, belongs to San Fedele Intelvi (Co.-Italy) and Revio (Ticino-Ch.). On top of the mountain you have a wonderful view: you can admire the lake of Lugano, the Valais and Urner Alps, Mount Resegone, the two Grignes etc.

Just below the summit there is a hotel-restaurant which is reachable with the small train (which departs from Capolago, Switzerland) or by various hiking trails for those who want to take a nice walk. Paths start both on the Ticinese side (Mendrisio, Scudellate, Arogno) and on the Italian side (San Fedele Intelvi).

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