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Capolago – Lodging

Hotel Albergo Svizzero: This little family-run hotel also offers a variety of traditional culinary delights. Phone: +41-91-64-81-975 E-mail: info@albergoristorantesvizzero.com  Contact: info@albergoristorantesvizzero.com Website: albergoristorantesvizzero.com Grotto del Tiglio: Click here to see the contacts and visit the website. More hotels are located

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Capolago – How to go there

By public means of transport: By train: there is a train station in Capolago whish is on the north-south corridor. Every half an hour there is a train that goes to Bellinzona, Lugano, Chiasso or Capolago. If you want to

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Capolago – Attractions

La felicità del paesino “La Famiglia Maderno”: We all know the Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. The name of the famous architect who designed the facade is Carlo Mademi and he was born in Capolago. We invite you to

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Capolago – Description

The small village of Capolago is located along the lake of Lugano and is part of the district of Mendrisio. Its name appeared in 1300 for the first time in Como. Capolago had a castle built by the inhabitants of

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