Carona – Description

Carona is a village with 1000 years of history, located in the district of Lugano. Situated 602 meters above sea level, in a unique position between the top of Monte San Salvatore and Monte Arbostora and has about 800 inhabitants. In 926 the village used to be called Calauna. Nowadays, the municipality consists of  the village of Carona and the settlements of Ciona and Torello, which are all three listed as part of the Inventory of Swiss settlements. Carona has a rich variety of ancient religious buildings such as the church of St. George, the sanctuary of our lady of Ongero, the monastery of Santa Marta, the convent of Santa Maria di Torello and finally the chapel dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie. Also, the famous botanical garden San Grato offers 62,000 square feet of floral diversity and a playground for children.

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