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La Chiesa di Sant’Agata: The church of Saint Agata is registered since 1938 in the list of Swiss heritage site of national significance. The first track of the church consists of a document from 1366. Three documents describe the church as “a time to the east.” It was later demolished and rebuilt a second time December 13, 1603. The first description of the new church dates back to 1670. The present appearance of the interior space of the church is due to the work of the Brothers Royal, Sebastian and Michael, performed between 1770 and 1779. Of great importance is the fresco which was found in 1938. It seems to be the only artistic testimony in late Gothic style that remained of the original church. A careful observation of the images allows you to read and easily identify two saints. For those who try to find them: San Rocco is on the far left and St. Bernard Claireveraux on the right. In the central part of the fresco the recognition of a St. Nicholas of Bari is almost certain. The saint next to San Rocco cannot be recognized: only the cloth of a beautiful mantle is remaining (Source Wikipedia).

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