Sighignola – Description

The mountain Sighignola, located on the Swiss-Italian border, offers a magnificent view of the lake of Lugano, the canton of Ticino and the landscape of the Lombardy. The peak of the mountain, with its 1320 meters, is easily accessible from Lanzo d’Intelvi (Como) through a winding road. Almost on top, you can take advantage of the new terrace and enjoy the beautiful view to the west. The mountain is overlooking the city and the lake of Lugano. You can also admire the Alps, in particular Monte Rosa. This is the reason why the mountain Sighignola is also known as the balcony of Italy. Campione d’Italia, an Italian enclave, is located at the foot of the mountain. Currently the Swiss-Italian cable car has been dismantled which should have been the connection between Sighignola and Camione d’Italia. During the winter season you can enjoy skiing on the hills of the mountain.


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