Pazzallo – Attractions

Museum Mario Bernasconi:Visit the museum with its private collection of works of the Swiss sculptor Mario Bernasconi and his wife, the painter Irma Bernasconi-Pannes. The museum houses an archive containing many photos and original writings, as well as the first works of the artist. Phone: +41-91-994-1947; Website:

Capo San Martino: Today, this open space belongs to Pazzallo. However, until October 5, 1861 it was owned by the municipality Campione, Italy. Historically the area was called Forca (fork) due to the numerous hangings taking place there.

Oratorio Santa Croce e San Barnaba: The oratory used to be an important place of convergence and connection to the  whole community. Today it has a rectangular room that can accommodate up to 60 people. In addition, its prestige is raised by the presence of two paintings: la Natività e l’esaltazione della Santa Croce (the Nativity and the Exaltation of the Holy Cross). One can also visit some cultural heritage sites such as the grotto Morchino or a bourgeois villa, surrounded by a large park located east of the funicular.

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