San Salvatore – Description

Monte San Salvatore offers a magnificent panoramic view of the lake of Lugano and is easily accessible by the funicular. Monte San Salvatore is located 912 meters above sea level, embedded in the  Lugano skyline and offers an outstanding view of the lake, the Lombard plain and the magnificent chain of the Swiss and Savoy Alps. The roof of the church is an outlook that offers a 360 ° panoramic view. The little church celebrates every year the feast of the Ascension allowing a moment of silence. The museum San Salvatore tells the story of the Archfraternity of Good Death and prayers that were collected over centuries.

In 1943, thanks to the initiative of the “Commission for studies and researches“ of the “Swiss Association of electrical engineering technicians “ and the “Swiss Powerhouses Union” a lightning research center was built on the peak of Monte San Salvatore and was directed by professor Karl Berger of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. It was operating from 1943 until 1982.

Monte San Salvatore has seven caverns, among which the most famous one is known as “Treasure Cavern” (Grotta del Tesoro).

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