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The village of Brè has maintained all its ancient features. It is possible to visit the works of Pasquale Gilardi better known as Lelèn, the frescoes by Joseph Biro in the church of San Fedele, the Schmid Museum with works of art of the artist that now belong to the municipality and an artistic path that consists of works of Sassu, Armando Losa, Emilio Rissone, Giuliano Togni, Giancarlo Tamagni, Piergiorgio Piffaretti, Fernando Bordoni and others (source

Near the village of Brè one can find Monte Brè which is one of the two main mountains of Lugano, located east of the city and considered to be the sunniest mountain in Switzerland since the first time the cable car brought tourists to the top. From the top of the mountain you can admire the gulf of Lugano and the Alps. Here you will find two restaurants, a picnic area and a small church at the highest point. The restaurant has been modified from the original, built in 1913 called: “Peak”. Monte Brè is also well-known for its hiking and biking trail. One of these trails leads to the village of Gandria and ends at the shore of the lake of Lugano.

It only takes 10 minutes to reach the village of Brè from the top of the mountain. Also, the mountain offers a unique flora and you might spot the rare Christmas rose.

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