Capolago – Description

The small village of Capolago is located along the lake of Lugano and is part of the district of Mendrisio. Its name appeared in 1300 for the first time in Como.

Capolago had a castle built by the inhabitants of Como in 1365 which was later destroyed by the Swiss. Although it is very small, it has started to bloom later as a fishing village, when the port was transferred to the lake in the city. Capolago was home to the Swiss Typography and Library, a Swiss publishing house of the nineteenth century. Active in Ticino from 1830 to 1853, he was famous for being the clandestine press of the patriots of the Risorgimento (source wikipedia). Today, Capolago is mostly dedicated to the sectors of industry and services, while unfortunately the old village sadly passed away. However, the village is very proud to be known for being the birthplace of the family Maderno, a family of artists. One work example can be found in the Vatican.

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