Vetta Boglia – Description

Vetta Boglia which is not as well-known as other mountains in the canton of Ticino, is located on the Swiss-Italian border and offers spectacular views of the lake of Lugano and its surroundings.

Vetta Boglia is part of the Lugano prealps. It is an ideal destination for hikers thanks to its proximity to the city of Lugano. Because it can only be reached by foot, the mountain is not that well-known but it offers a beautiful view. The top of Vetta Boglia is at an altitude of 1520m and can be more easily accessed by the hiking trail from Monte Brè. The village of Brè can be reached on foot, by car or cable car. The weather and the view are the best from May until October. For this reason the ideal time to go for a hike is during the period mentioned before .

Especially during the Second World War the area was the scene of bordercrossings by smugglers and exiles from Italy.

View South West From Monte Boglia

Vetta Boglia

Evening time at Vetta Boglia

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