Vetta Gazzirola – Description

Gazzirola (also known as Garzirola) is a mountain of the luganesi prealps at the Swiss/Italian border. Its summit is at 2116m.

The peak of Gazzirola is close to Camorino Gazzirola, in the canton of Ticino. The mountain is wide and the highest in the Sottoceneri, a region of Ticino. Its location, in the center of the three major lakes (Maggiore to the west,Lugano to the south and Lake Como to the east), offers its visitors a unique setting. Not far from the mountain there are three refuges: Capanna San Lucio (154 m), Rifugio San Lucio (1,554 m) and rifgugio Garzirola (1,974 m).

From Gazzirola, passing through Bar people used to clear the land in order to obtain woods: This is why the area is currently covered only by grass and shrubs. For this reason the area is suitable for bicycles, snowshoes and alpine skiing.

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