Monte Generoso – Attractions

Astronomical observatory: The osservatorio astronomico is open to the public in the evening thanks to the collaboration with the railway Monte Generoso. On request it is open to private groups as well. It contains a new public telescope, Lunt LS152, which is one of the most powerful telescopes in Switzerland.

Since the acquirement of the new telescope it is possible to observe the sun and all the phenomena associated with its activity. In fact, thanks to special filters you can observe sunspots, all eruptions and explosions of incandescent material.

The rock of the mountain is a natural museum of karst system: the rock of Monte Generoso is made of flint limestone, a sedimentary rock that originated on the sea floor 200 million years ago. Monte Generoso is terminal of the glacial expansion and rises from the level ground to the curved southern mountains like a rocky cliff. These features make the mountain a natural museum of the karst system (with several caverns and tunnels), rich in archeological evidence.

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